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Read whistle anime history for a detailed events chronology.

Whistle! (39 episodes)

  1. Break through the wall
  2. Run with teammates
  3. Hit the goal
  4. Never give up on the future
  5. Gotta be the forward
  6. Venge forward
  7. VOR!
  8. Catch the last pass
  9. Leap over the wall
  10. Grab a position on the team
  11. Back to the field
  12. Make a way
  13. Find your own path
  14. Run over the tears
  15. Go for the ball
  16. Let's beat'em with teamwork
  17. Let it go
  18. You gotta believe in yourself
  19. Understanding one another
  20. Feel my friend's pain
  21. Always run ahead
  22. Fly with your friends
  23. Pursue the palpitation
  24. Aim for the world
  25. Break through their flat 3
  26. See the father at the shoot
  27. Take a chance on the unknown
  28. Beat your rival
  29. Never regret
  30. Control the game
  31. Control the game
  32. Find your way out
  33. Back to origin
  34. Be the wind
  35. Brand new tomorrow
  36. Look at this uniform
  37. Enjoy a game
  38. Get a chance
  39. Whistle for the victory

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Lire l'historique de l'anime whistle pour avoir une version détaillée de la chronologie des événements.

Whistle! (39 episodes)